Pest Control Marketing with Video!


 Attention:   Pest Control Operators who want a sales and marketing tool that will blow your competition right out of the water and clearly set YOU apart from all the rest.

Watch the short video below and learn how YOU can start producing dynamite VIDEOS, MOVIES and DOCUMENTARIES to promote YOUR pest control business & get more new customers using only your iphone (or ipad)!  

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I’ve been using videos to promote my businesses for years and I can testify from personal experience that it is powerful..but it used to be complicated and required special cameras, editing programs and equipment.

But now that has all changed dramatically.  Now all you need is an iphone or an ipad!

I’ve created an easy to follow, step-by-step, simple  tutorial…specifically for pest control operators… that shows you exactly how to produce videos, movies and documentaries…using only your iphone (or ipad)!

Imagine being able to just take your phone and show someone the termites, rat droppings, roach casings, etc. in a movie along with narration by YOU!

Imagine making your entire sales presentation into a personalized movie!


Imagine how you could use video in the following applications to make your SALES PRESENTATIONS and your CUSTOMER SERVICE stand out far above your competition:

  • Video of you standing in front of the customer’s house proving that you actually were there
  • Video of termite tunnels and breaking one open to show live termites
  • Video of rodent dropping and other signs in the attic or crawl space
  • Video of conducive conditions such as wood/ground contacts, moisture from AC unit next to house, leaky water pipe, debris in crawlspace, lack of ventilation, etc.
  • Video of areas where you intend to drill holes or dig trench or install bait stations
  • Video of you thanking the customer for allowing you to do an inspection or provide a service
  • Doing an entire video walk-through documentary of what you did at their home
  • Video of tree branches or shrubbery that needs to be trimmed
  • Video to go over the price and conditions of treatment/service
  • Sit down with homeowner and watch a video you just made documenting you entire inspection
  • Video just to introduce yourself and say hello to a total stranger that you would like to meet
  • Video to say thank you to someone you met and had lunch with today
  • Video to train new hires on your company policies and procedures
  • Video training to teach new hires how to do termite jobs and pest control jobs
  • And on and on and on and on….
  • PLUS…and this is a big one….doing video sales presentations for you and your company and uploading to the internet so people will find them and watch them and learn about YOU!


Click HERE to get this training and start making your own videos NOW!

In many cases, your video will do the selling for you before you even meet someone or speak to them on the phone.  They have watched your videos and have already made the decision to buy from YOU! (I know because I did this myself for years with MY pest control business and, as you already know, I still do it today in my consulting business)

Now…just dwell on these ideas for a moment and you will understand the FACT that using video can become an extremely powerful everyday tool that you (and your employees) can use to get more new customers and grow your business.

It is amazingly simple to use your iphone to do these videos, upload them to the internet, post them on your website and send the link to your customers. 

And don’t worry that others will see your private messages because, once you upload them, if it’s a personal or private video, you just don’t make them public.  That way you can choose who sees them.

I have put a training tutorial together for you that will show you, step-by-step, exactly how to use your iphone to create videos and movies to promote your business and increase your sales.   All you need to do is watch the tutorial and have your iphone in hand to follow along.  You will make your first movie video right then and there all by yourself.  It really is that simple.

How much does it cost?

And the entire cost for the training is ONLY $97.00, so it is pretty much of a no-brainer cost wise.  You only have to make about one extra sale to pay for it…period!

Once you get the tutorial…and after you create your first video…feel free to call me at 770-993-0004 or email if you have any questions or if there is anything you don’t understand.

I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity and get your tutorial now and start using your iphone  today to create videos, movies and documentaries!

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and watch these videos,



Click HERE to get this training and start making your own videos NOW!

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